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Replacing an existing website on a controlled platform with Webflow

A Total Plumbing

A Total Plumbing


Website design and development


Website Design, Website Development

What was done

The project included a move from a 3rd party platform that didn't allow for flexibility or control. The intention was to provide an alternative we could full control, including design and interactions.

Previously the website had a poor speed result on Mobile devices - this was a problem because slow speeds can impact search engine ranking along with turning away visitors. Problem solved.

From start to end

Initially the client was rather open to design recommendations. We followed some examples websites for inspiration but certainly brought unique characteristics to the end result. Copywriting was partially done in-house with feedback from the client, but generally we focused on using some existing copy.


  • Significantly faster loading website
  • Interactive components on some pages
  • Unique location-based landing pages
  • Search Engine Ranking improvement
  • Incorporation of reviews and a 'careers' page

We took over managing the site and hosting, eliminating the need for the client to worry about the website so they could focus on servicing customers.


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