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Conscious Touch Massage

Conscious Touch Massage


Website development and Shopify integration


Website Design, Website Development, Shopify Integration, Automation

Work that we performed

The original website for the client was built on Wordpress, a very popular open-source platform that powers millions of websites. The challenges with Wordpress are the necessity for constantly updating a number of plugins and keeping the core platform up-to-date for security vulnerabilities, to start.

Moving off Wordpress, the project included a rebuild on Webflow along with design enhancements from the original website. Included in the experience was a necessity to incorporate Shopify as the 'store' component for the sales management aspect of the business.

Lastly, we made some adjustments to the SEO side of the website that saw a noticeable increase in SERP (ranking) which was due in part by the decreased load time of the website overall.

Results we delivered

  • Faster website on Webflow
  • Design enhancements
  • Incorporation of Shopify
  • Search Engine Optimization updates

The client is able to manage the content without worrying the design will be impacted. Additionally we incorporated changes to the copy, updated the Shopify integration, and improved Search Engine ranking.


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